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The Meaning of Mindfulness (overview)

Quiet Mind Seminars introduces a new workshop series beginning this Thursday January 13th (details here) entitled The Meaning of Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is in fashion. It’s a great way to savor the present moment and enjoy life to the full. That’s good, but it barely touches on the huge potential of the mindful lifestyle. As a way of life, mindfulness is just one component of the continual effort to wake up and remain attentive. When paired with critical reflection it increases insight and focus in everything you do, creating an effective gap between stimulus and response, leading you away from stressful automaticity and towards intuition and creativity. Mindfulness makes you think of freedom in a completely new way.    Register here for this eight-week workshop.


Week Topic
1 The mechanics of mindfulness:
— what it is & how it works
2 Motivating mindfulness:
— seeing the double-bind
3 Refuge & the pursuit of satisfaction
— freedom & discipline in the wired world
4 The erosion of self-esteem
— understanding and building true confidence
5 Anxiety & peace
— how the fear of death robs you of life
6 Craving, karma & samsara
— ancient philosophy as a diagnostic tool
7 Anger, forgiveness & love
— finding heart in a heartless world
8 Being alone with others
— the one and only way
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