Rush, rush, rush

I don’t know how I keep up with all I do, but I do know it’s only a fraction of what I have to do. Writing books, promoting them through social networking sites, interviews and lectures, maintaining this blog and my websites, preparing mindful reflection workshops, teaching them, writing homework and answering email—this all adds up to a forty-hour week, easy. As you might imagine, my day-job really gets in the way (by the way, it’s building computers and websites). Unfortunately—or fortunately as sensible people like to remind me—it pays the bills.

When I meet friends and acquaintences in my small town they stop in a leisurely way to chat about this and that while I hop from one foot to the other hoping I won’t be too late for my next assignment. I should be like them though, shouldn’t I? Heck, I teach meditation! If I were that relaxed, though, I’d probably never have felt the imperative to get my head together and go on a quest for God knows what—a quest I’m still on, by the way.

Things are never what they seem. I guess I like it better that way. Actually, the thought of all those nice people stopping to share their time with me leaves me all warm and fuzzy, and I hope I’m not too curt with them. Meanwhile, I love my work—especially the stuff that doesn’t pay—and then there’s my lovely family, always a comfort to come home to. Life’s certainly not empty, and I know how to slow it down when I have to. What more could I ask for?

Author: Stephen Schettini

Host of The Naked Monk

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