6. Martine Batchelor

Stephen Schettini talks with Martine Batchelor.

Martine Batchelor in 2012
Martine Batchelor, is a Buddhist teacher and writer who was ordained as a nun in Korea in 1975. She has written articles on the Korean way of tea, Buddhism and women, Buddhism and ecology, and Zen cooking. She is interested in meditation in daily life and in Buddhism as social action.

We talk about how her youthful anarchism was disrupted by Buddhism, about her teaching style and how much she’s learned from her students, about the different types of Buddhism and the normalization of Buddhism in modern life. She describes her focus on the threefold training of ethics, mediation and wisdom, and discusses the ways in which she and her husband Stephen Batchelor have influenced each other’s teaching.

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Martine Batchelor’s website: Martine & Stephen Batchelor


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