Bare to the Bone

DavidThe Naked Monk is not just a brand. It describes you as much as me. We care passionately about life. We feel the ground constantly shifting beneath our feet; we wonder what to do; we identify with no particular religion or philosophy; we feel instinctively that all truths are small-t, that life’s purpose is what we make it. We’re trying to be real, and accept anxiety as par for the course; we do not turn away; we value dignity, empathy and insight; we’re unwilling to wrap ourselves in false certainties or denial, willing to shiver in our nakedness. We aspire to be an honest product of our times.

Author: Stephen Schettini

Host of The Naked Monk

2 thoughts on “Bare to the Bone”

  1. My first great teacher Swammi Ashokananda of the Vedanta Society of San Francisco (d . Dec 1969) said:”learn to look the whole world in the face.” I later attended the Kalachakra Initiation w / Kalu Rinpoche & teachings w/ Namki Norbu @Oz in northern Ca, among other spiritual episodes. They all point to an open, fearless & compassionate mind learning to ride the streams of energy, like a surfer on the waves or a skier wafting thru powder.

  2. Leslie,

    Many thanks for your comments. It was so well said. I have been trying to put my finger on that state of being, but your surfer just nailed it.



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