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ron_purserRon is a professor of management at San Francisco State University and a longtime practitioner of Zen Buddhism. We talk in this podcast about today’s popular mindfulness, traditional Buddhist mindfulness and the notion of ethics. We discuss religion, secularism and science, and end up with the revolutionary potential of the dharma as it enters a very different milieu – one that, unlike other cultural forms of Buddhism, is deeply fragmented and faced with unprecedented existential challenges.

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CONFERENCE: mindfulness & compassion the art and science of contemplative practice
San Francisco State Uuniversity; June 3 -June 7

Author: Stephen Schettini

Host of The Naked Monk

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  1. What I get from this is that mindfulness is not merely the superficial level of attention as in the object focus at the moment, but also brings in multi-levels of awareness that include the Whole not seen in the way the Part makes contact with the world. It is this deeper connection that brings into the non-dual aspects of awareness. Ron did a great job of pointing this out, and exposing as he did so the watering down of mindfulness by superficial applications that skirt the deeper implications of traditional Buddhist ideas.

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