My book The Novice got a great review yesterday. I was happy not just because the reviewer liked it, but because he liked it in just the way I wanted readers to. He got the point, from beginning to end, and appreciated the work I put into it. So for a while I went around grinning like the Cheshire cat, particularly so because the week before, expecting a promised big review, I was let down. It turned out not to be a review at all but a listing—one book among many; yawn! Continue reading “Samsara”

Rush, rush, rush

I don’t know how I keep up with all I do, but I do know it’s only a fraction of what I have to do. Writing books, promoting them through social networking sites, interviews and lectures, maintaining this blog and my websites, preparing mindful reflection workshops, teaching them, writing homework and answering email—this all adds up to a forty-hour week, easy. As you might imagine, my day-job really gets in the way (by the way, it’s building computers and websites). Unfortunately—or fortunately as sensible people like to remind me—it pays the bills. Continue reading “Rush, rush, rush”

Bruised Ego

I learned today that I’ve been maligned. I have a computer business and work with the general public, so it’s an occupational hazard. Lord knows you can’t please everyone. It turns out that I did a job for a lady two years ago and something subsequently went wrong. Of course, that’s quite possible. I’m often accused of being a perfectionist, but I’m not perfect and neither’s my work. Continue reading “Bruised Ego”