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Mar 2016 The Future of Religion
thumbnail Feb 2016 Fame & Enlightenment
Jan 2016 Flying Free
Jan 2016 I’m Back
Nov 2015 Are you ready for Christmas?
Oct 2015 Manage Stress from the Inside
Oct 2015 What Do You Expect?
Oct 2015 After Buddhism
Apr 2015 The Advantages of Not Getting What You Want
Apr 2015 Managing Anger & Disappointment
Apr 2015 Life is Short
Apr 2015 Buddhism, or dharma?
Mar 2015 Why Believe?
Feb 2015 The Seductions of Scholarship
Feb 2015 Why Meditate?
Feb 2015 Five Things About Relationships
Jan 2015 The Nonsense of No-Self
Jan 2015 How Meditation Improves Relationships
Jan 2015 A Sense of Belonging
Dec 2014 Buddha’s perverse theory
Dec 2014 We Wish You a Merry Solstice
Dec 2014 Meditation is No Escape
Nov 2014 Buddhist Hubris
Nov 2014 Bad Gurus
Nov 2014 Experimental Dharma
Sep 2014 How to Reset Your Brain
Sep 2014 Overwhelmed
Aug 2014 The Buddhist Mob
Jul 2014 Unbecoming
Jul 2014 Down in the Flood
Jun 2014 The Denial Reflex
May 2014 How Not To Be An Old Fart
May 2014 Coming to Terms with Aging
Apr 2014 It Begins with Silence
Apr 2014 Falling for Buddhism
Mar 2014 Expose Your Heart
Mar 2014 Love & Death
Mar 2014 Mindful, or Mind Empty?
Feb 2014 Be a Man
Feb 2014 Bare to the Bone
Jan 2014 No Reality, Just Perception
Jan 2014 Reflections on Silver River
Jan 2014 You Don’t Have to Believe in God to Get Mad at Him
Dec 2013 The Importance of Being Mindless
Nov 2013 The Stress of Family Holidays
Oct 2013 Terms of Enlightenment
Oct 2013 Using & Abusing Karma
Sep 2013 Unfounded
Sep 2013 Fixing Up Life
Sep 2013 The Precarious Cost of Integrity
Aug 2013 Sincere Dishonesty
Aug 2013 Bound by the Promise of Freedom
Aug 2013 Marketing Superstitions & Invisible Demons
Jul 2013 Mindful Parenting
Jul 2013 Why Mindfulness isn’t a Good Thing (…or New)
Jul 2013 The Joys of Existential Angst
Jun 2013 Self-torture: the Ultimate Defense Mechanism
Jun 2013 The Inconvenience of Doubt
Jun 2013 When Rights are Wrong
May 2013 Is Buddhism an Escape?
May 2013 The Urge to Quit
May 2013 Shadow of Hope
May 2013 Never Mind
May 2013 The Evolution of Mindfulness
Apr 2013 How to Be
Apr 2013 Empathizing Anger
Apr 2013 Letting Go of Mindfulness
Apr 2013 The Intimacy of Loss
Mar 2013 When Loyalty Betrays
Mar 2013 The Complications of Simplicity
Mar 2013 Be a Spiritual Outlaw
Mar 2013 Why Celibacy is Perverse
Mar 2013 When Empathy is Dumb
Feb 2013 Buddha: the Self-help Guru
Feb 2013 Guilting the Sick
Jan 2013 The Key to Letting Go
Jan 2013 Sick Love
Jan 2013 When Righteousness Is Wrong
Jan 2013 The Fragile He-Man
Dec 2012 To Hell With Forbearance
Nov 2012 The Blindness of Insight
Nov 2012 Dishonest Love and the Horrors of Compassion
Oct 2012 The Subconscious
Oct 2012 The Power of Doubt
Oct 2012 What if everything doesn’t happen for a reason?
Oct 2012 The Lure of Enlightenment
Sep 2012 When Buddhism is a Cult
Sep 2012 Thinking About Stopping Thinking?
Sep 2012 The Godless Joys of Iconoclasm
Sep 2012 The Trouble with Mindfulness
Aug 2012 The Myth of Positive Thinking
Aug 2012 What Makes You Happy?
Aug 2012 Explanation is Futile
Jul 2012 Insight
Jul 2012 Protecting Your Spouse … or Controlling?
Jun 2012 Heal Yourself, Heal Your Family
Jun 2012 Buddha: Man or Myth?
Jun 2012 Guilt: Why You Don’t Have to Live with It
Jun 2012 Family of Longing, Family of Belonging
May 2012 When You’re Smiling
Apr 2012 The Aggression Instinct
Apr 2012 Good Faith, Bad Faith
Apr 2012 Taking my Place
Apr 2012 Turning the Other Cheek
Mar 2012 Family Relationships: So Close and Yet So Far
Mar 2012 So You Think Buddhists Meditate?
Feb 2012 The Mystery of Life Coaching, Practically Revealed
Feb 2012 Love: Your Path Through Life
Jan 2012 Letting Go and the Art of Self-fulfilment
Jan 2012 What Can You Believe?
Jan 2012 Resolve for 2012: Be Your True Self
Dec 2011 How Buddhists Celebrate Christmas: Prayer for a Turkey
Dec 2011 The Spirit of Christmas Past
Dec 2011 Mindful Reflection: How to Turn Shopping into a Spiritual Practice
Nov 2011 Facing Our Fears
Nov 2011 Gautama Buddha: Man or God?
Nov 2011 Crossing the Line
Nov 2011 The Web of Life
Oct 2011 Mindfulness is not just smelling the roses
Oct 2011 Suspending Belief: How the Buddha taught me to let go of Buddhism
Oct 2011 Reflecting Reality
Sep 2011 Positive Thinking: A Spiritual Path or Escapism?
Sep 2011 Motivation
Sep 2011 Preparation
Sep 2011 Post-9/11: Fight the Terror with Compassion
Sep 2011 Ode to a Power Outage
Aug 2011 While Rome Burns
Jul 2011 The Root of Stress
Jul 2011 Life With No Foundation
Jun 2011 Living Up to the Hype
May 2011 The Open Mind: Not for Everyone
thumbnail May 2011 The Terrible News that Isn’t
thumbnail May 2011 A New Way for Parents & Children
Apr 2011 The Divine
thumbnail Apr 2011 What’s Your Story?
Apr 2011 My Lunch with Georges
Apr 2011 The Politics of Cynicism
Mar 2011 Settling
Mar 2011 Dread of Silence
Mar 2011 Doom & Gloom
thumbnail Mar 2011 Normal
thumbnail Feb 2011 A Personal Life Coach Interviewed
thumbnail Feb 2011 Business Ethics — an oxymoron?
Feb 2011 Doubt & Certainty
Jan 2011 Feeling Better …
thumbnail Jan 2011 The Meaning of Mindfulness (overview)
Jan 2011 The Gift of Looking Inwards
Dec 2010 Thanks
Dec 2010 Veinoplasty Day
thumbnail Dec 2010 A Tale of Two Stents
thumbnail Dec 2010 Decisions, decisions
Nov 2010 It’s all Connected
thumbnail Oct 2010 The Office
Oct 2010 The Good Life
thumbnail Oct 2010 Spirituality
thumbnail Sep 2010 The Secret
thumbnail Sep 2010 The Inhuman Condition
Aug 2010 Wisdom & knowledge
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thumbnail Jul 2010 Helping Out
thumbnail Jul 2010 Interviewed by a Christian
thumbnail Jul 2010 Philo of Alexandria
thumbnail Jun 2010 Tending to Believe
thumbnail Jun 2010 Hard Times
thumbnail Jun 2010 Do I Belong?
thumbnail May 2010 Dunking in a Perfect Universe
thumbnail May 2010 Sex & Celibacy
thumbnail May 2010 Just Desserts
thumbnail May 2010 Measuring Mindfulness
thumbnail May 2010 Buddhist Extremists Drive Christians from Village in Bangladesh
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thumbnail Apr 2010 Basic Teachings of the Buddha
thumbnail Apr 2010 All Gone to Look for America
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thumbnail Mar 2010 Hatred
thumbnail Mar 2010 Persistence
thumbnail Mar 2010 Fresh Minds
thumbnail Mar 2010 Stirring it up
thumbnail Mar 2010 Disappointment — or Insight?
thumbnail Mar 2010 How Easy is Normal?
thumbnail Mar 2010 Spiritual Life
thumbnail Mar 2010 Musings of a Jailhouse Meditator
thumbnail Mar 2010 Love & Respect
thumbnail Mar 2010 Life
thumbnail Mar 2010 Mindfulness
thumbnail Feb 2010 Hope
thumbnail Feb 2010 I, Fraud?
thumbnail Feb 2010 Persist: a Book Review
thumbnail Feb 2010 Olympic Qualities
thumbnail Feb 2010 Good Hearts
thumbnail Feb 2010 An Unhappy New Year in Tibet
thumbnail Feb 2010 Buddhist Church Ladies
thumbnail Feb 2010 The Politics of Hope
thumbnail Feb 2010 Old Wallahs
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thumbnail Jan 2010 An Unsettling Dream
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thumbnail Jan 2010 Bruised Ego
thumbnail Jan 2010 Insecurity
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