Mindfulness Training for Yoga Instructors

Yogaś citta-vritti-nirodhaḥ
(Yoga is the restraint of mental modifications)
—Samadhi Pada

As interest in yoga continues to grow throughout the modern world, so does the practice of mindfulness (sati). These two ancient tools combine perfectly as antidotes to the multi-tasking, consumer lifestyle that stresses and fractures our attention.

Four Steps to Freedom

There is more to mindfulness than sitting quietly. It aims beyond the mundane tasks of managing stress and quieting the mind. These initial steps are merely the foundation of a life-long tool of mental transformation. The function of this tool is to bring subconscious habits to the surface and reconfigure them.

Doing that well is the matter of a suitable lifestyle and reflective thought.

Teacher Stephen Schettini spent eight years as a Buddhist monk before returning to conventional life as a teacher, writer, graphic artist, husband and father. For over thirty years he has independently tried and tested the practices learned from his Tibetan and Sri Lankan teachers. Some were found wanting, others in need of adaptation. His teaching is practical, effective and entirely non-doctrinal. His knowledge of Christianity and Buddhism, his experience as a traveller and as a working professional and his intimate style promotes a unique approach to the task of living mindfully.

Get a group of four or more yoga instructors for a 6 hour weekend workshop at H~OM, depending on availability. $100/person. Contact Stephen for details.