Spiritual paths are a mixed bag. We turn to them in search of answers, but they often confound us. The theory’s great but the practice is elusive. What seems clear at first turns out to be a baffling paradox.

There is no one-path-fits-all. What’s good for others might be wrong for you.  You have to understand not just your choices but your underlying motives — why you choose them. An experienced guide helps you avoid missteps, proceed with confidence and remember that in the end, it all comes down to self-reliance.

That’s where I can come in. I’ve sat in solitude, been guided by great teachers, blundered down dead-ends and given up everything to get where I am today: squarely in my own skin. Let me help you separate what you want from what you need. In the end it’s up to you, but a little guidance goes a long way.

Breaking From a Guru Community

If you’re reconsidering your relationship with a Buddhist community or teacher, I can help. This sort of break up triggers deep self-doubt and guilt. It undermines your spiritual balance when you need it the most.

I’ve been there. I came to Buddhism in search of independence, but in time realized I was bound to the community by consensus. It was all wrong and I knew it — that that’s not what the Buddha had in mind. Walking away was the hardest thing I’ve ever done; it was also the best move I’ve ever made.

You don’t have to make this transition alone. With a bit of coaching you can soon become self-reliant and rediscover how to be.


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