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BRIEF Guided Meditation

Feel refreshed, calmer and more focused. Take just a few minutes in the middle of a stressful day, before an important meeting, at bedtime… anywhere anytime is an opportunity to pause and ground yourself. You’ll be glad you did !

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Find the courage to stand up and be yourself, to ask the questions that matter. Mindful Reflection helps you understand your fears and face them without trauma but with the resolution to overcome them and the freedom to act from the heart.

Eight recordings made in the Montreal area in a Spring 2013 mindful reflection workshop.


Four recordings made in the Montreal area in a Fall 2013 mindful reflection workshop.

Family Holidays are a time to enjoy our relatives; to share our mutual appreciation and love for one another. But joy and good will don’t just happen on demand. Relationships are emotional and dynamic; they emerge from each person’s perspective, in a particular context and according to decisions and motivations that are often just old patterns on autopilot.

By looking into the undemocratic society of family as the backdrop of who we think we are, we can use the holiday season to explore how we see ourselves through the way we relate to our family, and how everybody gets stuck in roles and judgements they should have outgrown years ago.

Mindful reflection helps us break free of old patterns. With a reflective perspective and mindful context we can adapt our decisions and motivations to shift the family dynamic.

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